And then the day came, when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom!

Namaste ~


We are grateful and honored to be here to help you flourish!

We offer yoga classes as well as private instruction, massage, and counseling services. Know that wherever you are now in your journey, you will be welcomed and cared for at flourish.

Our mission is to guide and accompany you to nurture and
manifest your infinite possibilities.

We desire to empower you to achieve wellbeing from the inside out. Come enjoy our
beautiful space and capable, compassionate staff where you can feel safe, trust, grow, and thrive!

Thank you for visiting!

Please come back often to check for updates to our Class Schedule, especially during hazardous weather conditions.

I am infinitely grateful for the many people in my life that helped me open this beautiful place where you, your neighbor, a friend, someone that may become a friend, and I can FLOURISH!

We are all of one body, one mind, and of one Spirit!
Namaste ~ Amy Lin Thomas

About Flourish

We are a community of beings on a shared journey seeking wellbeing for ourselves and all whose lives we touch. We are honored to connect the healing power of the ancient yoga practices to your life now.

We offer a variety of Vinyasa and Gentle yoga classes.

We have classes suited for beginners and more advanced practitioners.

Our classes are practiced at room temperature, or in a warm room; about 90 degrees, or in a Hot room; about 100 to 105 degrees, to help you open your muscles and joints, and cleanse your body of toxins.

Along with our yoga classes, we offer private yoga instruction, massage, counseling services, and a wide variety of workshops to enhance your wellbeing!

Know that wherever you are now in your journey…

YOU are welcomed and cared for at Flourish!

Promotions & Upcoming Events

Schedule Updates and News!

Click here for a link to our printable schedule and REMEMBER to always go on-line for our most up-to-date yoga class schedule.

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Class + Teacher Updates:

Heartfelt thanks to Cheryl Milton for teaching the Tuesday 6am Hot Vinyasa class.Andrea Ballard will now be teaching the Tuesday and Thursday 6 am Hot Vinyasa classes.

Kris Nodley’s  Wednesday 5:45 pm Vinyasa class is now a Warm Vinyasa class.

Mimi Nguyen’s Sunday 8:30 am class is now called “Sunday Hour of Power” and is a flowing power yoga class based on the original Ashtanga yoga system.

The regular evening classes are cancelled for Thursday, April 24. However, there will be a special class and satsang that evening. See below for more information.

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Easter Holiday Weekend

The studio will be close on Sunday, April 20. We wish you a safe, relaxing and peaceful weekend with your friends and loved ones!

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Special Events in April + May


Felix Lopez Returns from 4/24-4/26

Thursday, 4/24 – special 5:45-6:45 pm All-Levels Warm Vinyasa “Spring Cleaning” Detox Flow class with Amy, followed by a satsang and discussion led by Felix from 7:00-8:15 pm. Regular prices apply for Amy’s class, and a $20 minimum donation is requested for Felix’s satsang and discussion.

Private sessions with Felix are available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday – please call the studio to schedule your appointment. They go quickly!

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Thai Massage 3_Resized

Thai Massage Weekend

with Jenn Will

Study the ancient, dynamic healing art of Thai Massage/Nuad Bo-rarn, and step into a vast lineage of eastern folk medicine. Thai Massage, yoga, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and other eastern methodologies and philosophies all have their roots in the Vedas, and so have many similarities. Thai bodywork and Thai medicine evolved within the Buddhist temples and countryside of Thailand and southeast Asia as a complete and distinct holistic system. Deeply grounded in metta, or loving-kindness, the work is healing and meditative for both the recipient and the therapist.

This weekend is sponsored by Flourish Yoga + Wellbeing, and all three days of training/practice will be held at The Playful Soul.

Learn more about Jenn Will here


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Kids’ Yoga

 April & May Dates for Kids’ Yoga are:

April 26 & May 10 with Alli Steinke

May 24 with Meg Faber

The schedule is as follows all Saturdays:

Ages: 5 to 8~ 1:45 to 2:30 pm

Ages: 9 to 12 ~ 2:45 to 3:30 pm

Ages: Teens ~ 3:45 to 4:30 pm

Cost is $10 per class ~ Sign Up Here







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