EFT with Casey Vanputten

EFT with Casey Vanputten
Did you know EFT tapping can help with:  Anxiety, Grief, Weight loss, Fears/Phobia, Sports, Mom stress, Chronic illness and so much more? Casey Vanputten, EFT practitioner, offers private sessions at Flourish!
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as “tapping,” has been scientifically proven to reduce stress on the body and lower cortisol levels. It is a combination of ancient Chinese medicine and modern-day psychology. When certain acupoints are stimulated by a person tapping on them with their fingers, the amygdala (the part of the brain in charge of the stress response) is turned off. This allows the brain to think differently about events that might create fear or anxiety such as a sports performance, an illness, a speech in front of the class, or a major exam, etc. It can also help to bring healing to events in the past such as the death of a loved one, an assault, divorce, or the witnessing of a tragedy.
EFT is slowly becoming more mainstream in the U.S. as professional athletes, motivational speakers, and gurus such as Oprah Winfrey have begun endorsing it.  Recently it’s even caught some local buzz by being taught in HSE schools!!!
Casey Vanputten is extremely passionate about helping others and creating awareness of alternative healing modalities. As an EFT Practitioner, she is now teaching a modality that has not only changed her life but the lives of those around her. Casey is currently accepting new clients and is available at Flourish on Thursday mornings and evenings.
For more information about EFT or to schedule a session with Casey, please contact her directly:
email – caseyvanputten (at) yahoo (d0t) com
phone – 317.690.5543
You can also read Casey’s blogs regarding her own experiences with local holistic practitioners through her Facebook page: www.facebook.com/crunchymunchymom.

Come and learn the basics of this powerful self-help tool with Casey that could change your life forever!

Investment in your well-being through EFT with Casey is $75 per session.

~ About Casey ~

Casey VanPutten is originally from Schaumburg, Illinois but has been living here in Fishers for the past seven years. She enjoys doing yoga, zumba, and being outside with her husband and two children in her free time.  Her love of sports has allowed her to play at the collegiate level, and coach both basketball and softball at the high school level. Casey holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in school counseling.  She has worked in dual language programs, special needs programs, and as a high school guidance counselor.
~ Links + Testimonials ~
Casey on Hamilton County TV talking about EFT
Casey on Hamilton County with her daughter, “Tapping with children”
Excellent intro to EFT showing Gary Craig, the creator:

“I had the pleasure of meeting Casey this past week, and she introduced me to EFT. I’ve seen tapping mentioned here and there on random threads on the internet, but I myself never took the time to look into it or the therapeutic effects it can have on a person. Casey and I chatted via email before my session, and she gave me some background info on EFT and kind of what to expect. I gave her a rundown of my past: counseling, anxiety, panic attacks, no memories of certain traumatic events in my life, and she simply responded with “you sound like the perfect candidate.”  I smiled. I had a really good feeling about this. During the session, Casey was warm, inviting, and present. I felt extremely comfortable delving into issues from my past that I had difficulty discussing with past therapists. She explained everything I was going to do and she taught me to tap out my emotions well. It was so smooth, so surreal to feel the feelings literally bounce around in my body. We were working on anger and I had tension in my gut. I tapped it out. I then had tension in my lower back. We tapped it out. I then felt buzzing and burning in my left knee, and we tapped it out. All of the tension disappeared. She taught me how to tap so that if/when they came back, I could tap them out. I thanked her a million times and left the session feeling so LIGHT and so WONDERFUL. I went to work that afternoon only to realize that the sinus pressure I had been dealing with all summer was also gone. I thought it might have been a coincidence, but 5 days later and still zero sinus pressure. I can’t thank Casey enough for teaching me the tools to let these feelings GO. I felt anxious in traffic recently, and I just started tapping away my feelings. I can’t believe how effective and QUICK it is. I love knowing that I have the tools to heal my anxiety and let loose the trapped feelings that are stuck in my body. 

I highly recommend that everyone try EFT. I can’t explain it enough how light I’ve felt all week. I feel like the energy in my body is now free flowing and I feel, free! I think FREE is the best word to pinpoint how I’ve felt all week.

Please please do yourself a favor and contact Casey. She is so sweet, so authentic, and so easy to sit and open up to. If traditional counseling hasn’t worked for you, then you are the perfect candidate. If you want to ease anxiety, then you are the perfect candidate. If you just feel “stuck” and you aren’t sure why, then you too, are the perfect candidate. Seriously, just make your first appointment and change your present, forgive your past, and feel free in your future.”

-Autumn, Fishers

“The very first thing I ever tapped through with Casey was pretty big and emotional, and despite my hesitancy, EFT really made a difference. Since then, I’ve used EFT for big issues that come up, as well as tons of smaller ones. I am so grateful to have learned this amazing modality. The moment I found myself tapping in the car without even thinking about it, I knew EFT had really made an impression in my life! It’s so easy to do and makes an immediate and lasting impact and it such a great tool to have in my mental and emotional health arsenal.”

-Lindsey, Fishers